Thorunna halourga
Thorunna halourga nudibranch in Lobster cove, Xiao Liu Qiu (龍蝦洞 小琉球)

A pretty pink and golden nudibranch
(Thorunna halourga) spotted during a scuba dive in Taiwan south coast

It wasn’t long ago everyone said to go to Xiao LiuQiu island (小琉球) to see the green sea turtles, but more and more macro photographers are heading there for some awesome diving.

North and South shores of the island offer some differences in conditions and so you will often see different varieties of nudibranch.

Xiao LiuQiu (小琉球) quickly becoming a diving mecca is located in the south 13km off the Taiwan coast. Ferries run regularly from DongGang port taking just 20min to reach the island, the port is a short 30min hop from Kaohsiung making it an easy get away.

Photo Credit: KevinD