Sheep nudi (costasiella kuroshimae)
Sheep nudi (costasiella kuroshimae), Green Island, Taiwan

Costasiella Kuroshimae commonly called the sheep nudibranch taken in Green Island, Taiwan

Costasiella Kuroshimae is not actually a nudibranch, rather a member of the sacoglossan seaslug family. Only recently have these begun to be spotted around Taiwan waters. Mostly 1~2mm in size they can grow up to 5mm.

What makes Green Island so attractive as a diving destination is very clear water with visibility usually 30M or more, year round diving with warm water temperatures in the range 24~29˚C, abundant fringing coral reefs with healthy soft and hard coral growth.

Green Island is a small volcanic island located in the south east of Taiwan. It is the 4th largest island making up Taiwan. It is located about 21 miles (33km) from the city of TaiTung in the Pacific Ocean.

Location: Green Island, Taiwan

Camera: Olympus Em1 mark3
Housing: UmiUmi housing
Lens: Olympus 60mm / AOI UCL lens / AOI QRS MB1/M67 / AOI STR-003
Strobe: Seafrogs SF-01 x2
Settings: f20 1/160 iso100

Photo Credit: Joe Chang
Joe is the owner of Fun-in underwater photography equipment co